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It's right in the middle of midterm season, but all I've been doing is playing Awakening. ;__;

How hard can it be to just put the 3ds away and just study jfc........ set your priorities right. THE CHARACTERS ARE REALLY LOVEABLE THOUGH. There's this same sort of rush I got from playing SS because the characters are so very loveable and some of the supports are really precious. DONNEL IS REALLY CUTE IT'S UNBELIEVABLE. I THOUGHT HE WAS A JOKE CHARACTER BUT THEN MY HEART UEHEUE.EEEE. STAHL TOO. The moment he stepped in-game I was no way I'm not falling for you I'm aiming for Gaius/Lon'qu but then problems were solved when I was half-forced to marry Chrom. uu I've nearly spent 70 hours on this game already, but no children units so far. Ahh, I don't think I can play with them on this time because I'm so attached to my current team, but getting Inigo and Owain are so tempting. I'll probably do their paralogues just for the heck of it before endgame, but in my next run and aim for my favorite couples/haircolor, etc. ;uuu;

Two more midterms to go, and I'm 'free' for two weeks, then it's round two already sigh.

.............. ((it's about time I finish Sacred Stones x2))
aoba & ren
no wonder neimi cries whenever she sees your bloody face
hope you never shit yourself on a wall and ruin it

Joshua is perfect. Innes is perfect. Of course, Ephraim is perfect. Kyle and Lute's support is perfect. FUCKING CHOKES EVEN FRANZ AND NATASHA'S SUPPORT IS SUPER CUTE WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO. I mean, for my first playthrough, I'm pretty set on going for Seth and Eirika, but then Innes and Eirika is... like my newfound otp but Ephraim and Eirika is also a given. And then Joshua with Natasha seems pretty canon, but Seth's and Franz's supports with her are so cute sob. AND COLM IS SUCH A TSUN WHEN HE'S WITH NEIMI. Ephraim and L'Arachel is pretty much perfect too. How many times will I end up playing this game just to get my favorite pairings together......... flings self off the window. AND LYON. Oh, Lyon. If only we could have you have conversations with others. Precious babies. ;___;

Anyway, I can't wait to finish Sacred Stones and hop onto the next Fire Emblem game we have.... which is either gonna be Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn or, well, the 'Fire Emblem' gba one. I'm having lots of fun with this series right now.

/strokes colm's beautiful blue locks a lot
I will be getting a 3ds! ;uuuuu;

My brother said he'd pay me one when I finish some Fire Emblem games since he's been keeping his eyes on a few games lately. I really am spoiled, aren't I. ( ´▿`)。 But I was really tempted to bid on the limited blue Awakening one before he announced that though, and still am, but I'll somehow restrain myself (locks and chains coming my way) from doing so and eventually get a FE cover instead, as well as the Knight of Iris artbook, which is amazingly huuuuge and gorgeous. Bless you, Kozaki Yusuke. _(:3

jfc the moment I saw Ephraim's new artwork I REALLY HAD TO GET MY HANDS ON THAT ARTBOOK. Did you see that armor!!!!!!!!!??? It looks really good im gonna fucking shit no i cant ;;;;;;;;; His official artwork for Sacred Stones was already wonderful enough for me, but my god, I can already feel the producers conspiring something against the weak-hearted and trying to massively cause some kind of heatstroke or something. Will I end up in the abyss of the universe (yes). CHANTS ephraim ephraim ephraim because he's perfect.

But ahh, I can't wait to play Animal Crossing and Shin Megami Tensei IV. OH AND HAKUOUKI. I can't believe they're rereleasing the psp version to the 3ds with extra content, I'm really happy. Really, really. I was debating over getting a 3ds or a psp for a while now, and this just seals the deal even more. I mean, I actually was already planning on getting a 3ds, but wasn't sure whether I should also get a psp for Persona, Dissidia, Hakuouki and Hakuouki, but yeah.
04 28 13 - les frissons
I haven't been on much as of late, but you know, reasons. We're nearing the end of the semester and university is getting closer than I would've expected it to, and I can't help but feel anxious already. I probably (definitely) don't study hard enough, and work on all assignments at the last minute, I've been able to handle the workload... so far. I can't say much for next year though. Can't say I'm very excited for the upcoming oral presentations though, not to mention the first one's gotta be all by heart, and I have two others on the same day. ugh I can't get over my accent. But hey, two more weeks and I will done with college (if I pass ahaha of course). No worries there.

Well, time to watch Shingeki no Kyojin with my brother. I'm so happy I managed to drag him into the series. I love how the manga sets the heavy tone with the art. I think it's cute, and the titans look creepier, lol. The anime art looks pretty nice though. The thick lines reminded me of Library Wars. Ahh, such a great manga. ;u; I should probably finish the anime soon... Tezuka's voice is so cute. Tattsun........ sobs.

/waves at thin air (   ´◜ᾥ◝`   )
12 15 12 - hello from japan
I'm not even sure what I've been visiting so far, but I went to Akihabara yesterday, and everything is so bright and colorful, it makes me happy, lol.

We stumbled into a Tales of Shop and it was amazing. ;u; I'm pretty sure it was called Kotobukiya.. I think. Well, Google images confirms it. Wahh, there was a huge Tales of Xilia 2 banner, and the male protagonist is yummy. I ended up getting a Mieu plushies because I didn't want to buy to much with my family paying for stuff. But man, if only I could buy those one coin figures. Flynn and Yuri and Luke and Guy and so much more. They also gave me a free Tales bag and it features a beautiful Xilia 2 image. I'll probably hang it on my wall and admire it every day. ;_______;
... the rest under the cutCollapse )
I should probably get started with reading the Sword Art Online light novels and the Hunger Games. I need more books in my life. I remember I thoroughly enjoyed reading, but when the Internet entered my life - what is life.

Long before the anime came out, I've been meaning to read SAO, but a couple of episodes in, I'm not as excited as I thought I would be. I mean, visually, it's orgasmic, but this definitely isn't what I've been expected. I heard that they were covering side stories so we would get introduced to more of the cast, so it's understandable if it feels different from the first two episodes, I guess. The premise is still interesting though, so maybe the light novels take better care of it.

Speaking of novels, I should really finish Half Prince, I mean, the translation team has almost completed translating the eight volume already. Ahh, I remember how much fun I had with the manhwa when it first came out, and when I started reading the novel, it was amazing, and I still love it after rereading the first volume for the third time in years. When I'm done with that, maybe I could check out The Legend of the Sun Knight because it's another work by Yu Wo. And I've heard plenty of good things about The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor. UGHGWUU FANTASY SETTINGS I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

And then there's also Feng Yu Jiu Tian because I need some homo stories set in the olden times in my life. I tried Hua Hua You Long, but I actually managed to get creeped out ahah ha how does that even happen.

Oh ┌(┌^o^)┐
11 02 12 - it's ending
Most of the fall series are coming to an end, but I've yet to start Psycho-Pass. It looks bloody good, so why haven't I started it yet??? Same with Tonari, Sakurasou, Chuunibiyou, Robotics;Notes, Zetsuen no Tempest.......... I actually haven't been watching any shows, have I. I mean, Even Magi, I couldn't bear to watch it. Oh m ygod A-1 Pictures what are you doing. You're doing some great stuff with Uchuu Kyoudai, but what happened to Magi. At least I still love how colorful it looks, but that's a given because the cast has rainbow hair BUT WHAT ARE YOU DOING. Can the voice actors save it dun dun dun we'll see.

Speaking of which, the second season of Chihayafuru will be airing soon for the winter. Ahh, I can't wait to finish this series. Everything about Chihaya, Taichi and Arata are cute. Their friendship is so cute I want to ajsklfak lh. I really hope Chihaya notices Taichi's feelings though. ;__;

let's spread the love for mecha


Sweet lord, Suisei no Gargantia looks gorgeous and is so.... colorful. My favorite in anime. The main character looks awfully cute. Valvrave looks good too. Majestic Prince looks like the love child of SEED, Destiny and Fafner, lol. Pretty sure it's the same person.

Maou-sama looks pretty interesting with the whole 'demon lord's gotta adapt to being a fast food worker' and Shingeki no Kyojin with the whole 'humanity has fallen and we've got to create new soldiers to fight back.' But fuck, the ost has to to be good, I can't wait enough.

Oreimo has announced a second season, so I should go ahead and quickly marathon the first. I don't even know why I love this series so much, I mean, I'm pretty sure I'm not the target audience.... b-but Kyousuke.
Geez, I remember I had an account back in 2008, but I just left it hanging, and so I... forgot both the username and p/w, though I probably just wanted to forget that username wwww But jfc how did I come up with Aziphile it sounds so bad I can't even pronounce it. Not to mention.... I want to crawl into a hole and shrivel up. _(:3

But yeah, instead of being active on lj, I'm just spamming on twitter or mal (not really anymore.........). Tumblr's definitely not for me anymore because ocd, but what to do, what to do. I don't play on gaia anymore either.

I don't think I'm much of a blogger type, so why do I even have this. To share stuff, hmm. I only have a crappy camera, plenty of kpop cds, photobooks and random merchandise, a couple of artbooks (oh god it's almost all hakuouki... oh, kazuki yone sensei) and like one dengeki girl's style magazine. orz

Not really, then. I'll just ramble about a few things. ;;
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